2017 Kidd Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Helena Napa Valley

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100% Cabernet Sauvignon | 200 cases produced 

Vineyard: Kidd Ranch Vineyard, St. Helena

Winemaker:  Paul Skinner, Ph.D in Soil Science UC Davis. Global vineyard consultant

Owner’s Background: Sequum is a soil science term that describes the relationship of a vertical sequence of soil layers. Sequum Wines are each made to showcase Paul Skinner’s, Ph.D., deep understanding of the relationship of soil and climate to grape growing. While Paul has a deep respect for old vines and traditions he also has pioneered the use of new techniques for monitoring and assessing vine, water and nutrient status and the implications and effects they have on premium quality grapes and wines

Paul began making wine in 2003 because of his passion for wine and inspiration from his Kidd Ranch vineyard in St. Helena, Napa Valley. He combines the practical scientific approach with an artisan’s sensitivity. Sequum wines are made by utilizing the best that science has to offer with an artistic instinct.

Winemaker’s Notes: The vineyard is located on an ancient gravelly alluvial fan of Sulfur Creek that consists of Bale soil with Cortina gravelly mounds scattered throughout. A selection of Cabernet Sauvignon clones grafted to different rootstocks are matched to subtle changes in soil type. Hand farming of traditional Bordeaux-style meter by meter close spacing allows for balanced vine growth and the optimum light and temperature conditions around each ripening cluster. The wine was aged in a mixture of French Oak selected to highlight the complexity that develops in the vineyard. Our goal is to harvest our Cabernet Sauvignon fruit at its optimum quality and produce wines that reflect our small piece of Napa’s terroir.

Sequum wines are produced and bottled at Pride Mountain Vineyards with the help of an experienced, quality-driven cellar and winemaking staff that Paul has worked with for close to 20 years. 

Tasting notes: Classic aromas of coffee bean, blueberry, sweet red plum, black cherry, dried figs, and baking spices. Flavors of black cherry, black currant, and dark chocolate are followed by vanilla notes. In the mouth, luscious black fruits are wrapped in a smooth and silky texture, finishing with black currant and black cherry.